Atlanta is the largest city in the state of Georgia, with just over 447,840 residents. It comes in at number 40 on the list of most-populated cities in the US, behind Virginia Beach, VA and ahead of Colorado Springs, CO. Atlanta is the home to many large businesses and corporations, including The Home Depot, United Parcel Service, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines.

Many small businesses operate out of Atlanta as well. Many of this southern city’s small businesses are in the real estate, arts and entertainment, construction, and scientific services industries. There are also a growing number of payroll management services in Atlanta due to an increasing demand.

Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

Of course, there is a fee for using a payroll service, but most business owners save time and money by outsourcing their payroll to a professional service provider. Managing a growing payroll is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business, and allowing a professional to do it for you lets you focus on other areas. Most payroll services offer a variety of services in addition to payroll processing. They have much more to offer than just issuing checks or direct deposits on time.

Additional Payroll Services

Most payroll services will manage the benefits and tax deductions for your employees, and they also offer human resource and liability management services, such as creating an employee manual or managing worker’s compensation programs. In addition, they typically offer multiple levels of service, so you can choose the level that best fits your business needs.

Tax administration and compliance are also offered by most payroll service companies. This is a huge benefit to many small businesses, because the payroll service handles all tax-related issues with a guarantee of accuracy. Most companies assume all risk and responsibility for local, state and federal tax law and regulation compliance.

Evaluate Your Payroll Needs

If you can determine which aspects of payroll management are costing you the most money, you can find a payroll service that can manage that for you, and the monthly fee is reasonable for the services they provide. There may be services you didn’t realize you need, so it is a good idea to do some research and compare a few different companies who offer a variation of services. If you use a certified company, you can have peace of mind that they are handling your payroll responsibly.